Encouraging Responsible Travel

Things To Reflect Upon For Travelers Assessing Attractions

Elephant Sanctuary Ethical Tours Are Tremendous Examples of Ethical Attractions

Reputable elephant sanctuaries are terrific kinds of responsible things to do. Being with elephants located in a protected setting and being close to them as they act naturally is often a lot of fun and gratifying. Travelers time and again turn in glowing ratings indicating that elephant related sustainable tourist attractions are worthwhile.

Srinuan Rescued Elephant

Preferred Sightseeing and Elephant Sanctuary Ethical Tour

Tourist attraction operators strive to attract visitors and must be innovative. If you had to prioritize when you make a decision with regards to a good option for a way to spend your vacation which considerations are more crucial: a


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Elephant Sanctuary Tours and Responsible Tourism

Is a Reputable Elephant Sanctuary A Good Thing To Visit?

Reputable Elephant Sanctuaries Make Great Choices for Sustainable Tourism

Elephant sanctuary experiences are terrific samples of responsible tours and attractions. Viewing elephants living in a protected ecosystem and getting in close proximity to these endangered animals as they behave naturally will be enjoyable and gratifying. Tourists steadily send five-star reviews and ratings suggesting that elephant related sustainable points of interest are worthwhile. Giving answers to the issue of picking elephant day-trips as well as other options for ethical attractions relies upon particular considerations. When it comes to this issue typical considerations involve what are the characteristics of the optimal endorsed elephant tours as well as other alternatives for ethical tourist attractions.

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-375" src="https://phuketelephantpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/srinuan_

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In case you missed it: 3 big stories from our world

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Elephant day-trips are really good.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California. (© Michael Balint/Flickr Creative Commons)

Editor’s note: News about conservation and the environment is made every day, but some of it can fly under the radar. In a recurring feature, Human Nature shares three stories from the past week that you should know about.

Deforestation has driven up hottest day temperatures, study says

The story: A recent study found that deforestation contributed to the rise in average daily temperatures in Europe, North America and Asia, Daisy Dunne reported for Carbon Brief on April 23. The combined impact in climate change of deforestation has been so large in some areas that, until around 1980, it played a greater role in hottest

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Elephant Tours and Ethical Travel

Is an Elephant Sanctuary Tour on Your List of Attractions?

Elephant Day-Trips Are Great Choices for Responsible Tourist Activities

Is an ethical elephant sanctuary advisable? Consistent positive reviews from people reveals that reputable elephant sanctuaries are ideal for travelers with many different preferences. It’s likely that many people trying to find quality tourist attractions and elephant sanctuary opportunities experience a variety of basic questions.

Srinuan Rescued Elephant

Recommended Sightseeing and Elephant Tours

Are you aware that ethical tours are quite popular. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be self-labeled as a responsible tourist, somebody just wanting something to do, or a travel agent coming up with a suggestion, the same issues come up. Because

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April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part V

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Is an elephant sanctuary experience on your list of points of interest?

[embedded content]

April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part V.  This is Pelusa- she is cheeky, stubborn, insecure and also extremely underweight and suffering from a debilitating foot condition. She is at a zoo in Argentina, waiting on approval of her CITES permits to be brought to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Her rescue is already funded by Fondation Franz Weber but we are asking for help with her extensive medical costs, so we can provide her with the best care possible at sanctuary. https://www.thebigpayback.org/globalelephants

For those of you who are afraid to watch because you are worried the video may be sad (just the first little bit is her life now), please try and watch. The video isn’t about her sadness now. It’s

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Scientists estimate how many fish are caught from Hawaii’s reefs

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Are elephant sanctuary experiences suitable for your vacation itinerary?

A Jack fish, pictured above, by a reef near the shores of Hawai’i. (© Jason Philibotte)

Editor’s note: Eva Schemmel is the science adviser for Conservation International Hawaiʻi and an expert on coral reef fisheries.

In Hawaiʻi, fishing isn’t just central to the economy — it’s a vital part of rich cultural traditions across the islands.

But to ensure there are enough fish for tomorrow, islanders need data today, such as how many fish are there — and how many people are out on the water catching them.

That’s critical information a new paper seeks to answer, with a specific focus on the popular fishing grounds of Hawaii’s nearshore reefs.

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April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part III

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Is an elephant tour on your list of points of interest?

April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part III From Suz, at the La Plata Zoo in Argentina, with Pelusa—

“Kat asked me to start doing regular social media posts for you all, so I wanted to start with first impressions – I came into this having seen many of the same photos that you have, so I knew about her feet, her skinniness, her story. I was a little worried – prior to this, I had only ever worked with elephants at a sanctuary and never with an elephant Before Sanctuary.

Kat kept reassuring me that once I saw her it would be easier, that her spirit was strong. I was still skeptical and a little nervous, she is so skinny; and her feet are so bad. Pictures tell their own truth, a hard truth.

But I want to tell you all that, bein

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April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part IV

Original source from here: https://globalelephants.org/april-2018-visit-to-pelusa-part-iv/

Are elephant sanctuary experiences worthy of your bucket list?

April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part IV  Although we want people to see Pelusa as more than her external appearance, we also need to make sure that there is an understanding of the urgency in regards to her foot care. Her medical care upon arrival to sanctuary will be extensive and costly. Pelusa’s rescue to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil is already funded by Fondation Franz Weber so our up and coming fundraiser is geared towards her medical care.

Our first fundraising goal is building Pelusa a medical Jacuzzi tub for a more effective and penetrating foot soak. The tub will also to allow her to take the weight off of her aching body for the first time in years, helping with fatigue and muscle pain. The second goal is raising enough funds for

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Worldwide launch: Experience ‘My Africa’ in virtual reality

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Is an ethical elephant sanctuary on your list of tourist attractions?

Naltwasha Leripe with an elephant in Northern Kenya. (© Georgina Goodwin)

Today, Conservation International released its “My Africa” virtual reality project to the world in seven languages.

“My Africa” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 20 and is now available in English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Samburu, Spanish and Swahili. The film is available in 360 degrees on conservation.org/myafrica and the full virtual reality experience is available on the WITHIN app.

The film tells the story of a young Samburu woman in Kenya whose community is working to save elephants, reknitting an ancient coexistence between people and wildlife. T

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April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part I

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Are elephant tours on your travel plans?

April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part I. Thanks to everyone for being patient in regards to days without posts and Pelusa updates. Five days is truly not a lot of time to observe, assess, change routines, reassess and get a caregiver set up for the next couple of months. I always think I’m going to have time, but with only a few days, I try to be as present as possible and make every moment count. Being back home with two healthy elephants allows much more free time, so let’s get caught up.

Where to start?

Pelusa’s condition was pretty much what we expected. With all of the updates and communications, we knew she had lost more weight and that she was having a blowout on her back left foot, so nothing we saw was really surprising. Superficially,

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