Content, Customers and Search

I started an outline of what a dedicated page template might look like… and ended up writing an article rehashing many of the issues that influence what the component pieces might be… ultimately there is no short one-size fits all answer, but making sure the strategy is in place is probably important

content… and customers… dedicated pages….

…so…, you want to take your current and future brand authority and start getting specific ‘conversion’ pages ranking in Google search for ‘money keywords’.

It might be worthwhile reviewing the main issues.

You want to get found by people, and you want them to take action you desire.

If you’re getting referrals from an authority site (tripadvisor), or using PPC advertising or a sophisticated social marketing campaign to drive visitors to your site – then a conversion focused Landing Page is more appropriate because you have more control in what your visitor purpose might be and you can assume where they are in the

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How to Move a Single WordPress Site into a Multisite Network

This article might need a little tweaking to be totally appropriate for the [topic5] Network, but it is a good place to show how simple it is to migrate a site.

Originally from WPMUDev

This post is designed to answer that question and take you through the steps you need to follow to move a site into a network. I’ll look at:

  • How to use the Import/Export tool to migrate content.
  • How to use the Widget Settings plugin to migrate widgets.
  • How to tidy up afterwards.

Choosing a Migration Method

This has the advantage of being quick and easy, and for most sites it will migrate almost everything you need.

But if you’ve made a lot of customizations to your site using the Customizer, or you’ve spent a lot of time setting up your plugins, this method won’t migrate all of that. You can either take the time to manually tweak everything again (see the f

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test layer

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Genesis Infinity Pro Theme

Infinity Pro Theme

If you’re a digital business looking to elevate your brand, Infinity Pro was made for you. It’s an elegant, responsive way to introduce your online presence. With all of the options we’ve packed into Infinity Pro to customize your customer’s experience, it’s also one of the most flexible StudioPress theme releases to date. And did we mention it’s compatible with WooCommerce?

List Eruption


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Elegant Themes Divi Theme and Builder

Please note that this is an iframe from Elegant Themes Elegant Themes . The Theme is already installed so you can ignore installation instructions (if not already selected you can go to your site Admin Dashboard ( [topic5].com/yoursite/wp-admin ) > Appearance > Themes and activate Divi or Extra themes to use the Divi Page Builder included in those themes.

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Divi Documentation from Elegant Themes

Please note that this is an iframe from Elegant Themes Elegant Themes Documenation


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”169112cb3080f11172e157e4ce2a45c7edd17889″ src=”″ width=”100%” height=”3000″]

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Beginners Guide to Genesis Theme Framework

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”genesis-for-beginners-v2.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”10000″ style=”embed”]

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